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“Which team has the strongest nerves and will prevail? What do they experience and  which tasks do they have to master during the Int. GS Trophy 2018? If you love the off-road adventure in Central Asia as much as we do, you should not miss the spectacular pictures and exciting daily reports. Follow the ranking and learn more about the teams and participants every day.”

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The daily stages of the Int. GS Trophy 2018 cover a wide range of terrain: dusty slopes, stony paths and rough terrain alternate here. Experience and follow the special stages the participants must face every day and breathe the unique Spirit of GS. We are on the spot for you and show you the highlights of the day. Get inspired! Stay tuned!

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The Int. GS Trophy is a unique motorcycle event followed across the globe, thanks to our extensive coverage that allows fans to connect with us via their phones, tablets, computers and smart TVs. Our mission, as always, is to share all the action with you via social media. Naturally, enthusiasts wish to support the event in person, but it’s just not possible due to the remote locations, lack of infrastructure, logistics, health and safety, and insurance. So please don’t try to join us in Mongolia; instead enjoy reading our daily reports and watching highlights on the website and do interact with us via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. And don’t forget to vote for your national team in our picture competitions during the event. We’ll keep you fully informed with all the news from Mongolia and thank you for respecting the unique values of this special event!