GS Trophy India Qualifier 2017.

The BMW GS Trophy is where you discover the world, explore the unknown, make lasting friendships and tackle any challenge on your GS. Often described as The Ultimate Enduro Adventure, the GS Trophy is not a race, but an event that confront the participants with physical and mental challenge. We invite all the GS owners from all over India and present them a platform where they can share their passion for GS riding.

The GS Trophy qualifier will involve a range of exhilarating on and off-road challenges, as well as practical, teamwork and navigation tests around the region. Whether you make it to the International GS Trophy team or not, the feeling of being a part of the GS community will be one of a kind, that’s our promise.

We hope you will join us in this adventure and celebrate the excitement of the GS Trophy. So, let’s unite to spread the GS spirit.